Stay in balance!

ABILI BALANCE is an easy-to-use balance platform for body balance testing, training and training in virtual reality. A brand new product equipped with the unique electronic and software solutions.


For professional athletes – reduce injuries and help them to maintain balance and quickly stabilize core muscles during their sport activity.

For people with bad posture – help to correct posture, avoid bad posture consequences such as pain, poor circulation, fatigue, etc.

For older adults – help to improve proprioception and prevent risk of falls and other injuries in elderly.


For physiotherapists, rehabilitologists, and sport coaches – to provide help for the patient / athlete. Testing results indicate the injury risk and the time when person can fully come back into “active” life after the injury. Besides, testing data can be collected and the progress of the person can be observed and compared over the time.

Start with balance testing, finish with effective training!


For individuals, athletes, physiotherapists and rehabilitologists ABILI BALANCE combined with virtual reality for an exciting balance training on an unstable platform.

This training is much more challenging, because individual needs to do more than one action, it combines different senses and it is difficult to keep balance all the time.

Big benefits - small device

It combines training and testing features in small, wireless and portable devices (tablet PC, VR glasses, balance platform) without needing electricity and cables.

Saves the time

Smart software wirelessly adjusts and gets testing results in less than two minutes.

Virtual reality adds fun with challenges

Individual needs to do more than one action, it combines different senses and it is difficult to keep balance all the time.

Adapted to the needs of each

Balance platform has adjustable handles and different instability levels.

Balance training during warm up.

You can do a regular warm up program on the balance platform to engage more muscle groups. During it muscle groups are also activated faster.

Adjustable soft handles
Wheels for easy transportation
Hooks for chains to change stability level
Feet position guide for testing and training
Transmitter (under platform)
Information light bulb
Metal frame
Tablet PC for testing and feedback during training
VR glasses


Mass of the platform 14,5 kg;
Platform size (m): 0,7×0,63×0,7 (handles min height); 0,7×0,63×100 (handles max height);
Up to 150 kg weight;


ABILI BALANCE TRAINER – testing and training device
Included: balance platform
ABILI BALANCE ANALYZER Light – testing and training device
Included: balance platform with a wireless tracking system and basic software package for android.
ABILI BALANCE ANALYZER Pro – balance platform with a wireless tracking system, professional software package, tablet PC, tablet PC floor holder and soft pad (40x50cm).
ABILI BALANCE with VR – testing and training device with virtual reality games
Included: balance platform with a wireless virtual reality system, tablet PC and software package for balance testing and VR games.

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